Lingon & dill BBQ Team is a Swedish BBQ team founded 2013 by Morgan Lundin. 2013 was also the year the team bought their first grill and competed the first time, the grill was a weber bought on the local hardware store and assembeled from the box at the competition. 25 teams and Lingon & dill finnished top 6 overall with one gold i a category and after that they were hooked. Now many years later the smokers are well seasoned and the team has done several international competitions sanctioned by different organisations. The team was four members first but nowadays it is only two of the original members left Emelie Jeppsson and Morgan Lundin (due to different reasons, but mainly that the Team captain is a bit to much ”all in”) Usually on all the KCBS competitions Morgan competes alone and this might also be the case this time aswell. We are looking forward to compete agains You all, see you soon!!