Team information

Friday 23th August
Welcome Dinner 20 € / person, dinner and one (1) beer/soft drink is included.

Saturday 24th August
Closing Dinner 25 € / person, dinner, dessert, coffee and one (1) beer/soft drink is included.

Åkulla Outdoor Resort is beautifully located in Åkulla Bokskogar, close to the nature, right next to lake Yasjön. We offer accommodation, food and activities in a scenic environment. The hotel rooms really set the standard high. Here you sleep in comfortable beds right next to beautiful Yasjön with its own entrance. The interior is inspired by nature in the form of forest, stone and cork. The rooms are suitable for families, couples and solo travelers, equipped with every comfort. We also have hostel rooms and cabins on the resort. The food we serve reflects our vision of sustainability, health and the environment. Partly because the majority of our raw materials are organic and KRAV-labeled from mainly local producers. Of these products we compose seasonal dishes to offer your guests as nutritious meals as possible! The drinking water we serve comes from our own water well, which has been awarded a national sustainability label, tap water. Åkulla Bokskogar has a long season from early spring to late autumn and even during the winter months the area is largely alive. There are various types of activities in the surroundings around Åkulla Outdoor Resort such as hiking, trail-running, cycling and cross-country skiing.